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Would You Recognize the signs of Human Trafficking?
Would You Recognize the signs of Human Trafficking?

Education Programs


IEmpathize: Empower Youth Program - ages 12-25+

The exploitation of minors is an alarming reality in the United States, and it comes in many forms: Bullying has evolved into an issue with often severe consequences. One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by age eighteen. And the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the U.S. is part of a thirty-two billion dollar criminal industry.

Perpetrators of crimes of sexual exploitation view schools as a prime location to recruit new pimps and lure new victims. These youth often have no idea what is really happening to them until it is too late. The purpose of The Empower Youth Program, therefore, is to equip students with strategies to stay safe from exploitation.

Traffick911: Traps of a Trafficker- ages 12-18+

Traps is Traffick911's 2 hours evidence-informed, interactive youth program designed to equip youth (ages 12-18) to avoid the tricks, traps and lures of human traffickers, utilizing survivor stories and age-appropriate videos. Its ideal format is a classroom-like setting (not an assembly format) that allows for optimal facilitator-youth discussion. The information provided is current, relevant, and captures the attention of the youth while opening their eyes to a dark and dangerous part of society. Youth learn practical ways to stay safe, such as alternatives to running away and appropriate internet and real world behaviors. It also empowers youth to be a voice for someone who may be trafficked by teaching them to recognize the red flags of a trafficking victim. Youth participate in a post-program activity designed for cognitive and emotional processing from learning about this tough subject matter.

Traffick Proof- ages 12-25

Traffick Proof  is a 1-2 hour lesson that can include an invitation for salvation that  was created in 2007 by the founder of Justice ACTs, Tonya Stanfield. She created this tool after working in an at risk community in Cape Town, South Africa. She created this curriculum to be simple and easily reproducible, with the main objective of giving the ‘most at risk’ the knowledge and resources  needed to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.

Born2Fly- ages 5-adults

(5 One-hour sessions)

The Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking is a strategic community-based awareness campaign that educates at-risk children and their parents about the dangers of child trafficking. A team of educators, writers, artists, and child experts developed this community-based program and tested it in 5 countries. Nearly 1,000 organizations in 65+ countries have now registered 

to teach it.

  • Born to Fly wordless book (for young children)
  • Born to Fly curriculum (for young children)
  • Dream Big Campaign Leader's Guide and Curriculum (for teens) Anti-trafficking curriculum specifically for teenagers and young adults. 

Customized Plans

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What people are saying about us.



November 2018 

Dear Kathy, Janiece, and Lisa

Thank you so much for presenting ARK2Freedom's ministry to victims of Human Trafficking in our Central Texas Corridor. 

We all learned so much from you, and are most grateful for your transparency and honesty in sharing on this topic. We now know more how to pray for these children and youth who have been caught up in an awful web of Satan's end time agenda! 

Spiritual Warfare indeed!

 Thanks again for sharing your heart and soul with us!  

Sincerely Mary McDaniel

Shining light into the darkness

 January 2019

Dear ARK2Freedom, 

The National Association of Social Workers Central Texas 

would like to thank you for your presentation about Human Trafficking at our fist meeting of 2019. Janiece and Kathy did an excellent job making us realize the real dangers. 

Thank you for addressing this very difficult problem. 


Sincerely Leah Smith