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Our mission is to reduce the supply and demand of human trafficking through Awareness, Restoration, and Keys2Freedom. 


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Awareness is where action and empowerment begins. 

ARK2Freedom is available to give presentations to any group or individual in order to educate on local statistics in human trafficking, how to recognize it, and what to do if you see it, in order to work together to combat human trafficking.  We share information on a national level and also the affects of Trafficking in Central Texas including Bell County. 

Monthly, we offer a Community Human Trafficking Awareness Education Event in a Central Texas city near you. Be sure to check our Facebook Page or here, under the Community Awareness tab. 

We also work with local youth and adults to recognize their own vulnerabilities to help safeguard them against the schemes of traffickers. Learn more about our Prevention Curricula at the following links: 

Born to Fly


Bodies are Not Commodities by A21

TRAPS by Traffick911

DMST 101 CTDMST Round Table Curriculum

Community Awareness Events


ARK2Freedom provides access to counseling and services for survivors of human trafficking and those wanting to break free from other enslaving life circumstances.  We provide discipleship, transportation, Christian counseling, referrals to Freedom Reins counseling, and small group support. Take a look at some of our Restoration Programs here: 

Ending the Game

New Day FOCUS for Fathers

Coming out of Darkness for Women

Co-Pilot Mentorship

Need counseling for past trauma, but don't have insurance?  We can help. Adults and children. 


Keys to Freedom

At the ARK2Freedom, we work with each client to develop individualized strategic plans for success, based on their specific background and needs.  We also refer clients to community partners for advocacy, counseling, support, and recovery programs.  

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Red Flags to Watch For:

  • Signs of Physical Abuse, burn marks, bruises or cuts 
  • Unexplained Absences from Class 
  • Less Appropriately dressed than before 
  • Promiscuous/sensualized behavior 
  • Overly tired in class 
  • Withdrawn, depressed or distracted 
  • Brags about making or having lots of money 
  • Displays expensive clothes, accessories or shoes 
  • New tattoo (Tattoos are often used by pimps as a way to brand victims. Tattoos of a name, symbol of money or barcode could indicate trafficking) 
  • Older boyfriend, new friends with a different lifestyle 
  • Talks about wild parties or invites other students to attend parties 
  • Shows signs of gang affiliation (a preference for specific colors, display gang symbols)  

Who is Vulnerable?

Anyone with… 

  • History of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence 
  • Family background of prostitution 
  • Displacement by social or natural disaster 
  • Part of an undocumented, stateless, or ostracized group, including LGBTQ individuals 
  • Unstable or inconsistent family conditions (e.g. parental absence or neglect, substance abuse, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, foster care) 
  • Runaway, truant, risky sexual behavior 
  • Poverty or economic instability 
  • Previous trouble with the law 
  • Any child or adult who needs or wants something they don’t have is vulnerable because traffickers will step in to fill that need in order to coerce someone into “the life”. 

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